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Look What’s Blooming Now!

There’s one part of my garden where people stop and ask, “What are you going to do here?” It’s a difficult corner near the pond edge under a cluster of cottonwood trees. I’ve tried grasses, daylilies, various things that have … Continue reading

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In My Garden: What’s (Too) Hot and What’s Not?

Why do they call these way-too-hot days the Dog Days? I’ve learned that it’s not because you want to lie around like a tired dog. According to Wikipedia, the moniker “Dog Days” (Latin: dies caniculares) comes from an ancient belief … Continue reading

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A Perfect Place to Pot

Toddlers have their Little Tykes kitchens. I have my potting counter, a grown-up place to play in the dirt. It was designed in 2001 as part of a carport – tool shed – potting place – greenhouse unit that stands … Continue reading

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Butterfly Garden

Oneonta, New York, in the northern foothills of the Catskills, is a baseball town. It’s the home of the National Baseball Hall of Fame, and until this year home to the Oneonta Yankees. To my friend Renee Shamosh it’s the … Continue reading

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Italian Landscapes and Gardens

Italy is known for its formal gardens, from the Borghese Gardens in Rome to the Boboli Gardens behind the Pitti Palace in Florence. But as I re-learned over the past few weeks, the whole country is a garden, whether it’s … Continue reading

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Five Days in Lévanto

Julius and I had visited Lévanto, on the Italian Riviera south of Genoa, too briefly, about twelve years ago. I fondly remembered the town as an idyllic step back in time, a personification of the pre-WWII fantasy depicted in the … Continue reading

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An Early-Morning Walk Through Town

In Lévanto, I liked waking up early—before the onset of car, motorini, and tourist traffic—to take a walk and take pictures. The air is perfumed with herbs and flowers and with yeasty dough, chocolate, and coffee. People are sweeping the … Continue reading

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