Graphic designer, writer, and gardener Ellen M. Shapiro is based in Irvington, New York. She is principal of Visual Language LLC, a graphic design firm specializing in print, identity and web projects. She is a frequent contributor to design magazines including Print, Communication Arts, and Etapes.

To read Ellen’s posts about trends, issues and personalities in design, illustration, photography, and visual culture around the world, follow these links to Imprint, Print magazine’s online design conversation, and Salon.com.

Photo by Alex Fedorov

8 Responses to About

  1. Mary Toomy says:

    Thank you so much. What a wonderful description of your travels in Italy. The entire blog is quite educational and beautifully written.

  2. Wendy Serrell says:

    Ellen – Thank you for the wonderful coverage of our Hortulus Flower Show, interiors!
    We are all glad that you visited Greenwich, and I enjoyed chatting with you about garden clubs and our purpose. I am sure that other Hortuli will visit and subscribe to your blog. I also plan on sharing your blog with my husband, the true plantsman in our household.
    Wendy Serrell

  3. Harmony Farm CSA says:

    Hi Ellen,

    This is Julie, the new farmer at Harmony Farm. I was wondering if I could use a photo from your 2010 post about Harmony Farm in an advert that we’re placing in a local magazine? I would give you credit, of course! Sorry for the lack of official nature in this message, but I was hard-pressed to try and find your e-mail address. You can get back to me on our blog, or email at harmonyfarmcsa@yahoo.com

    Thanks, maybe we’ll see you out in the field again sometime!

    • Hi Julie,
      Of course. I’m thrilled that Harmony Farm will be active CSA again. Which photo are you interested in? And who’s designing the ad? I will see you in July when I’m there for Raquy’s Drum Retreat with Glen Velez. And I’ll do a story on how they found you and what’s new at the farm.

      • Harmony Farm CSA says:

        Hi Ellen,
        I’d like to use HarmonyFarm_Overview and VeggiesEggplant in the ad. It will be in the Tuxedo Park Business Portfolio–their ad design manager, Ken Yolman, will be putting the ad together.

        Looking forward to meeting you this sumemr!

  4. Robin Sloane SEibert says:

    Hi Ellen,
    I just read your article in Salon/Imprint about Roland Alcantara and really enjoyed it. I realized that I met you many years ago in Santa Monica when I was the Creative Director at Geffen Records and you did an interview with me about my garden for the magazine Garden Design. I don’t think it ever ran, but I enjoyed talking with you and ended up with some terrific photos of my two little boys and me in the garden. Looks like you’ve got your own to boast about. And strangely enough I can’t believe you had a wedding party at The Cottage. We now live right near there and order dinner from the Cottage often. I’m going to sign up for your newsletters! Thanks for interviewing me years ago!
    Robin Sloane Seibert

    • Thank you, Robin.
      I remember you and your Santa Monica English cottage garden very well. It really stood out among all the palm trees and bonsai’d evergreens. Too bad Garden Design magazine changed their format and didn’t run it. They did run the piece I did on the xeriscape garden on my mom’s block in Inglewood. Alas, last time I was there the new owner had ripped out all the carefully placed, exotic cacti and put in a lawn.
      Maybe we can get together for coffee next time I’m in the neighborhood. I designed the Union Square Partnership logo and plan to attend “Harvest in the Square.” Will you be there?
      Look for my review of the Cottage on Yelp. It’s the kind of place that typically has lousy food, unless you speak Chinese or really sit down and talk to them about what you expect. They listened and came through with flying colors.

  5. Ben Razi says:

    Ellen: Are your photos offered for sale? I love the “colors of the Hudson” posted a few years ago. Just bumped into it searching on the internet. Thanks.

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