Images in the Night

Twig Triptique

Most graphic designers are fine artists at heart. When not doing work for clients (“Can you move this to the left a bit and make the color darker/lighter/brighter/?”) we’re doing personal art projects. Paula Kelly, one of New York’s best and most social designers (I always look forward to catching up with her at design openings and events), has been taking extraordinary fine-art photographs. Six of her shots were recently featured in the ‘Winners’ Show’ art exhibition at the East End Arts Council in Riverhead, NY, an exhibition of ‘best in show’ pieces from all 2009 juried shows there. The exhibition closes today, but dig-it! readers get to enjoy these images:

Time Travels

Lone Cedar

Golden Tree


Home Tweet Home

Paula writes, “I come alive at twilight, it’s a time of transformation. I love capturing images in the night. Identifying with the ambiguity of natural and unnatural light, I enjoy how space flattens, colors emerge and the obvious disappears, allowing subtleties to pop. Observing the night sky offers a sense of unity. The world becomes abstract, context unimportant. As light gathers in time and space the image emerges. I anticipate how the scene will transform over time. Exposures range from minutes to hours. This is meditative process, offering time for reflection, respite. Sometimes, it’s very intense, as I actively pull an image out of the darkness by providing additional lighting. There’s much planning, yet I remain spontaneous and attuned to what may happen in the moment.”

About writedesigner

Graphic designer, writer, and gardener Ellen Shapiro is based in Irvington, New York. A frequent contributor to design blogs and magazines including Print, Imprint,, Communication Arts, and Etapes, she writes about trends, issues and personalities in design, illustration, photography, and visual culture around the world.
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1 Response to Images in the Night

  1. Paula Kelly says:

    I dug it!
    Thoroughly enjoyed reading ‘Dig-It’ +
    viewing the other blog entries.
    Appreciate the post!

    FYI: more images can be seen at-

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